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ProHair Nail & Beauty Supplies is a North Queensland based hair and beauty wholesaler serving hair & beauty salons in throughout Australia. ProHair is a TRADE supplier, so we focus all of our energy on looking after you as a salon owner. If you are located in North Queensland You can contact our Townsville office or our Cairns office, If you are in any other part of Australia, you can order through our online shop or call us and we will deliver to direct your salon.At ProHair we aim to provide salon owners like you with the highest quality products, customer service and salon support. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we stock all the major brands including Affinage, Matrix, Moroccanoil, DeLorenzo, Wahl, Lycon and loads more.We supply everything from bobby pins, tint brush's,foil, capes, waxes, spatulas, everything through to salon furniture! Try our friendly service for yourself. It really is all about YOU!....The Professional.. know

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Dair Waxing Strips 300pack
Dair Waxing Strips 100M Roll
Refectocil Eye Pads 96pkt
Refectocil Creme Oxidant 100ml
Refectocil Liquid Oxidant 100ml
Refectocil Purple 5 Tint
Refectocil Red 4.1 Tint
Refectocil Chestnut 4 Tint
Refectocil Light Brown 3.1 Tint
Refectocil Natural Brown 3 Tint
Refectocil Deep Blue 2.1 Tint
Refectocil Blue Black 2 Tint
Refectocil Graphite 1.1 Tint
Refectocil Black Tint
Miracle Citrus Wax Solvent 1L
pink grapycon
Pink Grapfruit Sugar Scrub 520g
True Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
agadir cream
Argan Oil Hair Shield Intense Creme Treatment
agadir gel
Argan Oil Syling & Sculping Gel
agadir masque
Argan Oil Moisture Masque
agadir moisture cond
Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Conditioner
agadir moisture sham
Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Shampoo
agadir oil spray
Argan Oil Spray Treatment 150ml
agadir spray
Argan Oil Hair Shield 450 plus 200ml
med gloves
Black Shield Gloves Medium
cotton wool
Cotton Wool 1kg
pink sect clips
Hi lift Sectioning Clips Pink
true hydtare
True Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
true blonde pack
True Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
true moisture  cond 1
True Hydrate Nourish & Repair Conditioner 1L
true moisture sham 1
True Hydrate Nourish & Repair Shampoo 1L
true moisture cond
True Hydrate Nourish & Repair Conditioner
true moisture sham
True Hydrate Nourish & Repair Shampoo
true blonde cond
True Blonde Zero Yellow Conditioner
true blonde sham 1
True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo 1L
true blonde sham
True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo
pomegrante lyc
Pomegranate Sugar Scrub 520g
so berry roll
So Berry Delicious Cartridge Strip Wax
olie oil roll on
Olive Oil Cartridge Strip Wax
lycotec roll on
LYCOtec Cartridge Strip Wax xxx
active gold roll
Active Gold Cartridge Strip Wax
Pinkini Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax 1Kg
so berry
So Berry Delicious Hot Wax 1Kg
Rosette Hot Wax 1Kg
olive oil
Olive Oil Hot Wax 1Kg
MANifico Hot Wax 1Kg
desert rose
Lycojet Desert Rose Hot Wax 1Kg
Lycoflex Vanilla Hot Wax xxx 1kg
lycotec white
Lycotec White Hot Wax 500g
lyco tec pink
Lycotec Superberry Hot Wax xxx 500g
Lycodream Hybrid xxx wax 500g
Lycojet Eye Brow Hot Wax
epilace 500pk
Epilace 500pk Strips
epilace 250pk
Epilace 250pk Strips
epilace 100m
Epilace 100m Roll
epilace 50m
Epilace 50m Roll
citrus clean
Wax Remover Citrus Clean 125ml
citrus 1L
Wax Remover Citrus Clean 1L
quick dry 250ml
Quick Dry Wax Mist 250ml
quick dry 125ml
Quick Dry Wax Mist 125ml
tail combs
Eurostil Tail Comb Coloured
Cutting combs
Eurostill Cutting Comb Coloured
diane afro
Diane Afro Combs
diane razor
Diane Hair Razor
Pure Olive Oil Strip Wax 1kg
Excellence Hard Wax 500G
Pure Olive Oil Hard Wax 500g
Honey Comb Hard Wax 500g
Champagne Hard Wax 500g
Brazillian Rose Hard Wax 500g
Wild Apricot Hard Wax 500g
Spun Lace 100m Roll
Spun Lace Precut Strips 100pk
Hot Salt Body Scrub Mango & Rose Hip
Hot Salt Body Scrub Pomegrante & Jojoba
Hot Salt Body Scrub Rose & Vitamin E
Hot Salt Body Scrub Tangerine & Orange
blonde cond 1L
White Ice Blonde Bombshell Conditioner 1L
miracle masque 150
White Ice Miracle Repair Mask 150ml
extra blonde sham
White Ice Blonde Bombshell Shampoo Extra
Riflessi Silver
Revita Foam
black ice obehave
Black Ice O’behave
miracle masque
White Ice Miracle Repair Mask 450ml
waterspray round black
Round Waterspray
shatush tint brush large
Shatush tint Brush large
measure cup 100ml
Measure Cup 100ml
black timer 60min
Black timer 60min
black shield gloves med 2pairs
Black Shield Gloves Med 2 pairs
whiteice treatment shampoo 250ml
White ice Treatment Shampoo
whiteice treatment conditioner 250ml
White ice Treatment Conditioner
whiteice moisturising conditioner 250ml
White ice Moisturising Conditioner
whiteice smoothing conditioner 250ml
White ice Smoothing Conditioner
whiteice deep cleansing shampoo 250ml
White ice Deep Cleansing Shampoo
whiteice blonde shampoo 1L
White Ice Blonde Bombshell Shampoo 1L
black ice dri clean
Black Ice Dri Clean
PI1200B - 1.5in Black
555 Small Black Bobby pins 1.5inch
Glide Scissors Blue
Glide Thinners
Glide scissors b55
Glide Pin Me up 5cm Ripple Pins Bronze
Glide big momma’s 12pk
Glide Coloured Foil 110m
Glide Foil 110m 18micron
Glide Pop Up Foil 210 sheets
Glide Catering foil 155m
Glide 180815 08
glide 4 way teasing brush
Glide 180815 06
glide comb purple hook
Glide 130814 01
glide comb red
Cutting Comb CCC8
Glide Cutting Comb CCC8
Curl Comb CCCMT6
Glide Comb CMT6
CTC5 Metal Tail
Glide metal tail comb CTCM
Glide tail comb CTC
CSCC Small Cutting Comb 18cm
Glide Small Cutting Comb CCS
CGTC Teasing Tail
Glide Teasing Tail comb CGTC
CGT Teasing Comb
Glide Teasing Comb CGT
CGD Clipper Comb
glide sparkle stud Comb
CCLIP Clipper
Glide Clipper comb CCLIP
CCC8 Number 8 CC
Glide Comb ccc8
Balayage Tint Brush AGBTB
Glide Balayage Tint Brush AGBTB
Balayage Colour Comb BGCRC
Glide Balayage Colour Comb BGCRC
Glide short Apron.1
Glide short Apron
Glide Denim Apron
Glide Wet Neck waterproof
Glide Cutting Cape Red
Glide Satin Proof Cutting Cape Black
Glide Satin proof Cutting Bronze
Glide round neck Towel
Rubberized Paddle
Glide Black Paddle Brush
Glide Oval Tunnel Brush
Glide Round Coloured brushes
Glide flexibrush for fine-medium Hair
Glide Foiling Comb
Sm tint BSTB
Glide Small Tint Brush
Wiggle tint BWTB
Glide Wiggle Tint Brush
Lg tint BLTB
Glide Large Tint brush
Glide Measurer
Glide Measure Cup
Glide 130814 21
Glide Butterfly Clips 36pk
Glide 130814 09
Glide Neck Brush short
Glide 130814 07
Glide Eye Glass Protector sleeves 200pc
Black tint Bowl with handle
BSTB 2pkt Silicon
Glide Silicone tint Brush 2pk
B0TB Orange Tint Brush
Glide Orange Tint Brush
ASTT Steel Timer
Steel Timer Clock style
ASTIMER Silver Timer
Silver Timer
AGTB Tint Bowl
Tint Bowl
AGSWS Silver Water Sprayer
Glide Silver Water Spray
AGMES Frosted Measurer
Frosted Measure Cup
AGLMED Latex Gloves L,M&S
Glide Reusable Gloves 24pk S,M,L
AGFM Foam Mirror
Foam Mirror Round
AGCB Colour Board
Colour Board
ABLM Long Neck Brush
Glide Long Neck Brush
Glide Neck Cushion
Glide Bobby Pin Sampler pack
Glide Reusable sponges 4pk
Glide Balayage tint brushes
TFS Duo 1L-front
RPR My Thicker Fuller 1L Duo
Rej Duo 1L-front
RPR Rejuvinate 1L Duo
FMF Duo 1L-front
RPR Fix My Frizz 1L Duo
Ext Duo 1L-front
RPR Extend My Colour 1L Duo
BMB duo 1L-front
RPR Brighten My Blonde 1L Duo
RPR My Thicker Fuller Stronger Conditioner 1L
RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Mask Treatment 1L
RPR Rejuvenate Shampoo 1L
RPR Rejuvenate Conditioner 1L
RPR My Thicker Fuller Shampoo 1L
RPR Clarifying Shampoo 1L
RPR Extend My Colour Shampoo 1L
RPR Extend My Colour Conditioner 1L
RPR Fix My Frizz Smoothing Shampoo 1L
RPR Fix My Frizz Smoothing Conditioner 1L
RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo 1L
RPR Brighten My Blonde Conditioner 1L
perm my hair_normal
RPR Perm my hair normal
perm my hair_neutralisier
RPR Perm my hair neutraliser
perm my hair_coloured
RPR Perm my hair coloured
Creme Peroxide for hair
Repairing Shampoo
SO Repairing Shampoo 1L
Repairing Conditioner
SO Repairing Conditioner 1L
Blonde Shampoo
SO Blonde Shampoo 1L
Blonde Conditioner
SO Blonde Conditioner
Glide Hold Me Tight Black
555 gold 2inch
555 Gold 2 inch bobbies
555 bronze 2inch
555 Bronze 2 inch bobbies
555 black 2inch
555 Black 2 inch bobbies
2 col
Hi Lift 2 Column Appointment Book
AMW 4 Column Appointment Book
AMW 2 Column Appointment Book
italian spun lace oll
HiLift Italian Spa Lace 50m Roll
italian Spun lace 100pc
HiLift Italian Spa Lace 100pc Strips
110ml pack_todos_Eco
Brasil Cacau Treatment 110ml kit