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Brasil cacau Acai treatment oil 60ml


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    • Brasil Cacau Acai Treatment Oil is richer in properties and benefits than any other oil – the purest oil in nature for your hair


    • Acai is the fruit from a palm tree native to the Amazon Region and is considered the “Pearl of the Amazon”.


    • With a powerful antioxidising action which is 30 times as strong as that of red wine, it protects the hair against UV rays and also fights the production of free radicals


    • Acai Oil is a true elixir that repairs split-ends and leaves the hair silky, nourished, smooth and radiant


    • Strengthens brittle hair, providing added nourishment for the strands damaged through the use of colours or transformations such as straightening or relaxation


    • Protects the hair from the heat generated by hairdryers and flat irons


    • Untangles the hair and reduces drying time


    • Antioxidant properties help prevent ageing of the hair


    • Maximum powers of restoration and nourishment